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 Forum Rules, Please Read Carefully (updated 13-9-2007)

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Forum Rules, Please Read Carefully (updated 13-9-2007) Empty
PostSubject: Forum Rules, Please Read Carefully (updated 13-9-2007)   Forum Rules, Please Read Carefully (updated 13-9-2007) Icon_minitimeFri Feb 23, 2007 8:54 am

Please read the following rules carefully! Not knowing them will not be a sufficient excuse.

Usage Agreement
You agree that the views and opinions of users are not those of the Sunshine Coast Commodores it's owners administrators or moderators, or it’s members and Sunshine Coast Commodores cannot be held liable for views expressed in this forum. You may not attempt to hold us liable for any damages resulting from the use or malfunction of this forum.

Amending forum rules

We reserve the right to amend the Forum Rules at any time and the enforcement of them is at the Administrators / Moderators discretion.


1.1 No commercial advertising or advertising of business is permitted. Links or phone numbers are strictly forbidden.

1.1a If you have a problem with a particular company or automotive shop DO NOT post it up on the forum at all. This is easily construed as slander and bears legal issues. There are always two sides to every story and without the other persons view it is not fair to post your issues

1.1b You may link to other businesses or car websites in posts, if it is relevant to the topic at hand. Not purely for the purpose of promoting something they have done for you. Basically if someone is looking for a particular item then you may post a link or contact number. If you think you need to tell people about a particular site, do so via PM. Other than that refer to rule 1.1

1.2 No links to other forums in your thread or signature is permitted unless approved by the Administrator (Personal vehicle sites are allowed and encouraged). If you have pics of your car posted on another forum then you may post a direct link to that pic but not the forum. We are not here to advertise for everyone else.


2.1 Avatars must not contain nudity or profanity. Avatars deemed offensive will be removed. If complaints are received regarding Avatars from forum users and deemed inappropriate or offensive they will be removed. If the avatar reappears, you may be banned.


3.1 Links to porn sites or the posting of pornographic pictures is not allowed.
If you link to offensive websites, you WILL be banned, without warning.

3.2 Pornographic and offensive avatars are discussed in section 2.1.


4.1 Abusing or threatening other forum members will NOT be tolerated (doing so will result in an instant ban!).

4.2 Abusing the forum through spamming will not be tolerated and also incurs an instant ban without warning.

4.3 This is a Commodores forum. If you come here wishing to cause trouble, SC-Commodores will spare no expense in tracking you down and do the same, through legal means.

4.4 Anyone found to be deliberately provoking people in other forums to cause trouble in here will be permanently banned. There is always someone watching you who would be more than happy to tell us.


5.1 Before posting a new thread (for technical advice etc) please do a search to make sure it hasn’t been discussed before. This will not only save embarrassment but it also saves space.

5.2 If you wish to show the world your car, please post your thread only in the correct section of the forum. Post a maximum of 5 pics, as this save bandwidth.


6.1 When advertising in the For Sale section, please be aware that after 1 month the post will be automatically removed. You may repost the item after that time.

6.1a When posting your item for sale or wanted to buy in their respective sections, clearly state what you are selling and it’s condition. If you are chasing something please give a clear description of what you are after.

6.2 DO NOT post items for sale in any other section than the For Sale sections, as they will be completely removed.

6.3 Businesses MUST NOT post in any section of the forum. They MUST DEFINITELY NOT post items for sale for their business in either For Sale or Wanted To Buy sections. This will result in an instant, and permanent, ban.

6.4 Individuals CANNOT sell more than one of the same items, unless it is discussed with the ADMINISTRATOR or MODS first. This will be deemed as a company conducting business on this forum, which attracts a ban.

6.5 If an individual continually posts numerous, and different, items in the sales section and do not contribute to other sections of the forum then we will assume that they are either working from home selling parts or obtaining them in a suspect manor. Either way this is unacceptable and will be dealt with

6.5a Anyone found posting numerous items for sale by friends and the like will have to give complete contact details including a copy of a current driver’s license and a land line number. This is to avoid the possibility of people selling stolen items.

6.6 There are no EOI (Expressions Of Interest), you’re either selling it or you aren’t. If you want to auction something then put it on EBAY. Any posts without pricing will be advised of such and then removed a few hours later if no price is put up.

6.7 Purchasing items from this forum is at your own risk. While 99% of people don’t have a problem at all there is always someone who is going to take advantage of this. If you are having trouble with a purchase from another member please contact us straight away and we will try and help but as we have stated - it is at your own risk!

6.7a If there are any legal issues arising from a sale or purchase of an item from this forum then we will hand over every piece of information to the authorities so the matter can be dealt with – no exceptions.

6.7b A word of advise, if you are buying something from someone get every aspect of the purchase in detail and try to do it through a proper email address (i.e.: not a hotmail or yahoo account). If someone has Internet access then they will have a legitimate ISP account. It would also be advisable to obtain their landline numbers and maybe even a copy of their license.

7. Cruises

7.1 You may post cruises, and get-togethers in this section. Please post highlights or the ride in the Cruise Report Section.

7.2 You MUST NOT post up information of other car group rides or cruises without the permission of that group and the Administrator or Moderators of this site in this section. Refer to section 1.1.

7.3 Other Commodore Groups may post details of their cruises and get-togethers, however you must abide by sections 1.2 and 1.3.

7.4 Cruises and outings are at your own risk. Sunshine Coast Commodores Owner's Administrator's nor Moderators' take any responsibility for any accident, which may happen during an organised ride. Remember driving and motorsport can be dangerous and all care should be taken whilst driving. Act like adult, other peoples lives are in danger whilst driving in a group.

7.5 On group cruises no member should bring disgrace to themselves or this site. Dangerous driving will be seen as endangering others and as such you will be asked by the cruise organiser to leave the cruise and you will be banned from the forum. Please note Police have been known to actively sit on this site to gain information about up coming cruises.


8.1 Please make sure you post pictures of your bike or if you have permission to post pictures of your friends bike. No pornography shall be acceptable as in section 3.Please keep post with pictures of your bike/car to a minimum (3 is a good number) to help keep bandwidth at a manageable level. If you have a my-space site feel free to link to those pictures as this assists with bandwidth issues.


9.1 Over the time that the forum has been online we have had a number of people who come in here just to get attention – this will no longer be tolerated.

9.2 Posting “who’s cute”, “who I like best” or “who likes me” type threads are best to be placed on other ‘Pro Interest type’ forums as it will result in you getting a week’s holiday from the forum. Remember the General Chat is for lighthearted banter and as such should be used.

9.3 Members are to only have ONE username. If the Administrator or Moderators find several usernames posting from the same ISP address (yes we can check!) that member will be ask to show reason for this. If the reason is not acceptable the member will get a weeks holiday and the other usernames will be removed from the site.


You will be banned or your contribution will be edited, removed or not published if the Administrators / Moderators consider it to be:

10.1 defamatory, or otherwise unlawful or that it violates laws regarding harassment, discrimination, privacy or contempt, or violates any other applicable laws.

10.2 intentionally false or misleading,

10.3 an infringement of intellectual property rights or copyright. If you wish to refer to material on another website or forum we recommend you seek permission from the author and you include an attribution in your message.

10.4 of nuisance value, abusive or offensive, threatening, including obscenity, blasphemy and racial vilification, vulgar, slanderous, hateful, threatening, political, religious, sexually-oriented or discriminatory, or that may infringe any intellectual property or violate any applicable laws. Doing so may lead to you being immediately and permanently banned. We may also inform your service provider, or the owner of the registered domain from where the offending posts are originating from. The IP address of all posts are recorded to aid in enforcing these conditions.

10.5 inappropriate, off topic or vexatious. For example Sunshine Coast Commodores reserves the right to reject contributions that have been widely canvassed in the forum. It also reserves the right to reject contributions from participants who seek to dominate the discussion,

10.6 compromising the privacy of yourself, other contributors or of Sunshine Coast Commodores Administrators / Moderators, or containing inappropriate personal information,

10.7 Seeking to endorse/Sell commercial products or activities or to solicit business, without permission from Sunshine Coast Commodores. This includes profit and non profit organisations.

10.8 deliberate provocation of other Sunshine Coast Commodore members,

10.9 a posting on behalf of a suspended member or impersonating.

10.10 Flaming and slandering of Sunshine Coast Commodores, its members, other individuals, organisations or other internet forums.

10.11 Failure to comply in some cases may lead to you having your forum membership revoked immediately.

The following is the process for dealing with any MINOR breaches in forum rules:
* Members will now receive one warning (via PM or e-mail)
* For any breaches of the rules following the warning members will be banned - a 1st offence after warning will incur a one week ban, a 2nd offence will incur a 4 week ban and a third offence will result in permanent removal of forum access.
* A record of each offence will be kept for a minimum period of 12 months, after which it will expire and be erased from the records. For example if you have one offence on record (1 week ban), and commit a second offence within 12 months, you will be banned for 4 weeks. If more than 12 months passes, and another offence is committed, it will be the only offence on file, and thus attract a 1 week ban.
* Members will be advised by the Forum Administrator or Webmaster (via e-mail) when they have been banned and for what reason. No further discussion or negotiation will be entered into and this e-mail will be for the specific purpose of communicating the details to the member.


11.1 These rules may sound harsh but in fact are very easy to follow – simply act like an adult. If you become a problem then you will no longer be welcome here: it’s that easy.

11.2 If you don’t wish to follow any of these rules than simply email the Administrator and your account will be terminated.

12. Mods and Admin

12.1 The Moderators and Site Admins are here to make sure things are kept under control; they are not here to be abused. If you have an issue with one of them do not argue in the forum or it will result in a ban. Contact the Administrator with all the info and they find the medium to sort the issues out.

12.2 If you have a problem with Administrator then contact RITCHIE as he has the final say.

12.3 If you have a problem with the Administrator then bad luck, He is in charge of the forum and He makes the rules.

13. Probabtional and validated members.

13.1 Whilst as a new member of Sunshine Coast
Commodores you will be placed under a probabtion period. During this
time it is a good way for the Leadership Group to see if you fit into
the ideals of Sunshine Coast Commodores including how you behave on
cruises and events. After this period your membership will be reviewed.

13.2 Validated members:These users have been validated by other members
and are considered trusted and valuable contributors. Being a validated
member has certain perks including access to the private validated
members section, access to the SCC photogallery, invites to validated
only events, the right to change your forum username 2 times, a free
SCC dvd bi-yearly and more!

13.3 To become validated and have access to its priviledges you must be
acknowledged by two existing validated members. These members can vouch
for you and consider you a valuable and trustworthy member which can be
involved in some background discussions with the group. An email must
be sent by two validated members to When this is done admin will add
the user to the group.

Happy and safe driving
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Forum Rules, Please Read Carefully (updated 13-9-2007)
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